VegiLicious is a small restaurant of Akira & Ana.
We come from Japan and have a big dream that one dayall the people in the world will live happy & peacefully.
"Eat VegiLicious. Better the World."
We would like VegiLicious' food to contribute to the health and happiness of you and the planet more and more.

Since we operate the restaurant with only two of us, you might haveto wait for a long time when we receive many orders in the same time frame.
(We guarantee our food quality and your satisfaction.) Your kind patience would be highly appreciated.

Akira & Ana
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Our Products

It took two weeks to build the walls although we expected only a week. We thought it would be an easy work, but we recognized it was a very hard work when we saw them installing the dry walls.

Even one board of dry wall is already pretty heavy, and our ceiling is very high. There are also a lot of pipes crossing everywhere. The installation work must have been very hard. We appreciate their hard work!!


How did it change?

Views from the front


Views from the kitchen

Construction is moving along.
Akira's dream is almost there!


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