“Healthy & Delicious” Modern Japanese Vegan Cuisine
Vegan Whole Cheescakes

Organic & Gluten Free!

Our whole cakes are made without any dairy, egg, wheat, sugar, additive and GMO’s but with ORGANIC ingredients and LOVE.
We use organic raw agave syrup for sweetening.

Raspberry Lemon Raspberry Lemon

9” (serves 12-16) $79
6” (serves 6-8) $48

White Chocolate Strawberry White Chocolate Strawberry

9” (serves 12-16) $79
6” (serves 6-8) $48
cake pumpkin Pumpkin Pie

9” (serves 12-16) $69
6” (serves 6-8) $42

*The whipped cream is made of organic soy milk.
If you do not need it, please let us know.
Chocolate Banana Chocolate Banana

9” (serves 12-16) $69
6” (serves 6-8) $42

How to order
- You can order at the restaurant, by phone (714-377-3928) or from desktop site.
- Please order at least 3 days in advance.
- If you order online, please check a confirmation email. It should be sent within 24 hours.
- For pickup only.
- If you decide to cancel your order, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

*Keeps 5 days in refrigerator.
*Please let us know if you have any food allergy.

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